Monetize your free users with Mineful.

The Mineful Payments Framework easily integrates into any desktop application, enabling users to pay you with their spare computing power. We use this to generate cryptocurrency and pay you in USD directly to your bank.

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"Freemium 2.0"

Introducing the Mineful Payments Framework

Mineful is an entirely new concept of value exchange that helps you generate new revenue streams and reduce involuntary churn. The Mineful framework is simple to integrate into your app and enables your users to pay by using their devices' unused CPU & GPU processing power to generate cryptocurrency.

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Monetize Active Users

Offer your active free-tier or non-paying users an alternative way to pay and receive increased value from your products.

Increase Conversions

Improve conversion rates of your free trial subscribers by allowing users to pay while they use your product and avoid giving a credit card.

Reduce Churn

Reduce involuntary churn rates and reclaim churned active users by offering an alternative way for them to continue paying for your product.

Your User's Idle Devices Are Now Active Opportunities

Your users never have to touch a wallet, understand cryptocurrency, or think about blockchain technology. Once they opt-in, their idle CPU & GPU processing power is put to work and begins generating revenue for you.

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"Mineful will help us tap into our free, unpaid user base and generate better revenues than most ad and bundling monetization methods."


Zach, Co-Founder
"It was great to be able to offer new customers a different path to our product."

Pickaxe for Mac

Beach, Founder

Get Paid For Your Premium Services

You can give your free-tier or trial users access to your premium monthly subscription features without requiring them to enter their credit card details.

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Unlock Content For Your Users

Your Mineful users can continue generating revenue for you beyond subscription fees by purchasing your premium content and add-ons easily using the cryptocurrency they have generated.

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Monitor your customer usage and revenue data in real-time and download custom reports for valuable business insights.


Protecting your data is paramount, which is why we employ and work alongside world-class security experts.


We work with industry leading service providers that are certified to the highest international standards.

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Developer-Centric Framework

We've designed our powerful tools to be simple to integrate with clean and clear interfaces. Get started with just a few lines of code.


Framework Documentation

Get started integrating the Mineful Payments Framework into your app today.

API Reference

For deeper integration, our API is available and waiting for you.

UX Guidelines

We promote & enforce best practices & user-centered design.

Get Started with Mineful's Payments Framework.

We have everything you need to start implementing our framework within your Desktop applications.

  • MacOS Framework

  • Windows Framework

  • Cloud Launcher

  • White-Label Options

  • Robust Documentation

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